Energy Healer, background:

From an early age I had psychic experiences. Living in a converted chapel outside Bristol, I had many encounters with the former occupants of this building, especially the Reverend! We then moved to a castle where experiences continued.

My Mother was a hands on healer and in time I came to realise I had the same gift. I am both clairsentient and clairaudient, which means I receive psychic information both physically and through my hearing. I have even used these gifts as a driving instructor, to help people anxious with tests!

Energy healer, offerings:

Now this aspect of my abilities underpins all my work, but especially I often use these gifts during:

  • Energy healing sessions
  • Chakra healing sessions
  • Clearance and rebalancing of energies
  • Energy healing during bodywork and massage
  • Clearing of houses and spaces of energy and spirits, especially helping spirits to pass over, often in conjunction with my interfaith ministry

Energy healing may additionally be offered at a distance, in combination with spiritual counselling and meditation services, working through either Skype or Zoom as you prefer.

Energy healer Bristol and online
Energy healer Bristol and online