this is how to optimize a website

  • find keyword term – for this page = how to optimize
  • the title of your page will be the keyword phrase if it makes sense to the reader
  • the title of your page will also be what shows in the google listing – is this attractive – is it a call to action – will it invite people to click on it
  • if not first click on url extension – (phrase/tittle of page) and edit it to match a keyword
  • put the keyword phrase in the first paragraph as close to the front as possible
  • Enter a H tag – a second heading at the top of the article – with keyword phrase (click on paragraph button and chose heading size that works )
  • be careful with this, it doesn’t always work – but can I use the key phrase in a second heading further down the blurb  – another H tag!
  • is there a sensible way to list the keyword phrase in a bullet list?
  • can we add a picture and use the keyword phrase?
  • use seomofo snippet tool to write a good meta description in the excerpt box.
  • put the key phrase at the beginning of the excerpt
  • write the keyword phrase as many times as you can in the blurb without it looking weird
  • 300 words is recommended minimum length of a page
  • if writing a post 1000-2000 words are more likely to be shared
  • where possible have links out to external sites – for example pub med >>
  • don’t use two keyword phrases on one page



How to optimize – general points

google wants to know that I am an expert and that I have a lot to say and that people listen to it. And here is how I let google know that –


  • as an expert I will find ways for my website to point out to lots of really useful and informative content for my readers
  • grid page could be a list of links to books and resources with small description
  • as an expert I will find others ways for site to link back to me – could be swopping links with friends, find directories, facebook – share in local groups – good if it gets shared by others
  • I will have a look at social media and see if there is something I can use
  • google loves google – self love!!!!!!  add to google maps – think about google advertising……
hover text
keyword phrase