What is an interfaith minister?

In the 1970s One Spirit Interfaith Foundation was formed from with the intention of bringing more compassion to the world. As an Interfaith Minister, I work with people of all faiths and no faith and am regulated by the One Spirit interfaith Foundation. I create bespoke interfaith ceremonies for clients including:

● Baby naming
● Rights of passage
● Death / funerals
● Healing ceremonies

Interfaith ministers are:

embodying a vibrant and meaningful response to the changing spiritual needs of our times … we are of service to people of all faiths and none.  What is consistent throughout is our shared devotion and commitment to celebrating life, supporting spiritual awakening and exploring life’s deeper meanings.
Quote from One Spirit Interfaith ministers

Interfaith ministry: specialist services

Whatever you would like a ceremony for, I can create and hold space for it! While my ministry can cover any of the above named areas, I have been particularly called to:

  • serve individuals and families approaching end of life
  • creating end of life funerals and celebrations: bespoke services that really celebrate the uniqueness life of the individual
  • serve the souls passage in the afterlife, in tune with the belief systems of the individual concerned (if you are interested in this, you may also want to read my energy healer page)
  • work with men: I work in service to calling in the mature, conscious masculine, we may recall and celebrate this through ritual
Interfaith minister UK
Interfaith minister UK