Meditation background:

I started meditating as a young adult, exploring many forms from traditional sitting practices through to chanting, dynamic and active mediations. Then I discovered Tantra meditation where I feel most at home: during an extended soulmate training with Ma Ananda Sarita I experienced truly coming home to my soul.

Meditation offerings:

I have a wide experience of guiding people in meditation practices through one to one sessions, online and in groups. This aspect of my work also crosses over with my interfaith ministry, and can in fact be offered in combination with any other modality on this website. I particularly guide:

  • beginners who want to learn
  • experienced people who want to expand or try a new aspect of meditation
  • meditations for people on antidepressants
  • meditations for people experiencing anxiety
  • meditations to help manifest intentions in the world, in combination with ritual

Meditation in Bristol