Sexuality, background:

Throughout my whole practice, I give space for people to discuss their educational needs and problems to do with sexuality. I became passionate about doing this as a result of my own experiences of growing up and maturing.

Throughout childhood I attended chapel 7 days a week, the teachings I received there often made me feel guilty about my sexuality.  I discovered self pleasuring in my teenage when stumbling over pornography: I experienced isolation and shaming in response to this by my family, as is the experience of many young men.

Essentially – I had to learn about sexuality by myself as I had no one to guide me! This isn’t a great introduction to pleasure in life, it made me feel guilty and like I had to hide. Discovering Tantra in later years, I realised how little sexual education exists for most – not just me! – and so I became passionate about sex education and healing throughout all of my work.

Sexuality, offerings:

Your sexuality themes and educational needs might be addressed by any of the modalities I offer: from counselling to energy healing, through to ministry or all forms of bodywork (see my Tantra page).

Working with men

Men can find it hard to work with men –  it’s important to go at a pace appropriate to and set by you and to prioritise the kind of connection where you can feel safe to open at your own pace.

I support men into their own integrity and authenticity, who might wish to overcome early stories of guilt as I have and flourish on their journeys. One way we might do this through tantric meditation to discover the senses of the body as the gateway to the soul.

Working with women

Women often see me to come back into contact with their own sexuality and sensuality. I have also held space for women who have had different traumas and been told I bring the archetype of the mature masculine.

I have a strong sense of being conscientious about what I do, and I am very clear to hold space for your needs and boundaries. My own sexual pleasure is not part of the healing process I offer.