Spiritual counselling background:

I felt driven towards holistic and spiritual styles of counselling, having seen a practitioner myself in the late 90’s. Her work helped bring me greater clarity about who I am, and what is really important to me in my life. I decided I would like to be able to help others in the same way.

I am a qualified Interfaith Minister regulated by the One Spirit interfaith Foundation in the UK. The underlying basis of this work is counselling, I additionally draw upon “Holding With Heart” skills of heartspace.

Spiritual counselling offerings:

This work can be applied in many contexts: from one to one sessions right through to any kind of group who require interpersonal guidance in order to work well together. We can work together in person (I am based in Ballyporeen, County Tipperary, Ireland) or we can work together online through Skype or Zoom as you prefer.

I work in ways suitable to each individual before me. However a key theme of my practice is entering into sacred space. The wording of this might change according to a persons belief system, but essentially sacred space is a way in which we can connect with higher consciousness: you might call this the combined wisdom of mind, body and heart.

We arrive there through using breath and bringing your awareness into your body. This deep holding helps people to come back into wholeness. My other main thing is simply to listen. It’s amazing when given plenty of space and silence to move into, what people will reveal.