Thai Massage, background

I qualified with the Thai massage school in Bristol in 2005, though my interest in Thai massage precedes that by some years. The form I enjoy most is the Thai yoga massage which uses stretches to improve mobility and flexibility.

I tend to do alot of meridian and trigger point work, to help energy flow, muscles warm up and your body to open. I draw on a training in Wing Chung Kung Fu martial arts to support this aspect of energy and meridian work. I also like to work in an unhurried style giving time for each phase of warming and opening!

More recently with Gillian Alexander and Andrew Barnes, I have also learned de-armouring processes. Through de-armouring, we use touch to reach the emotional body, specifically imprints of early and potentially traumatic memories, which can be released through bodywork.

Energy healing is important in my bodywork: we might even touch upon entities through bodywork that are not you at all! Releasing these helps you to stand in your sovereignty and I have woven my own forms of bodywork over the years, drawing upon my energy healing skills.

Thai massage – what happens in a session

Initially we will have a discussion in which I can establish your specific needs and advise the best modality for you. Establishing and respecting your boundaries is very important to me too, so we will find out what they are e.g. around clothing or other comfort factors.